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Workbench \Work"bench`\, n. A bench on which work is performed, as in a carpenter's shop. [1913 Webster]

Word Net

workbench n : a strong worktable for a carpenter or mechanic [syn: work bench, bench]

Moby Thesaurus

agency, ambo, atelier, bar, barbershop, beauty parlor, beauty shop, bench, board, buffet, butcher shop, company, concern, corporation, counter, desk, escritoire, establishment, facility, firm, house, installation, institution, lectern, loft, organization, parlor, secretaire, secretary, shop, stand, studio, sweatshop, table, work site, work space, workhouse, working space, workplace, workroom, workshop, worktable, writing table



  1. A sturdy bench or table at which manual work is done by a carpenter, machinist and so on


  • Portuguese: bancada
For the Workbench native graphical user interface for the Amiga computer, see Workbench (AmigaOS).
A workbench is sturdy table at which manual work is done. They range from simple flat surfaces to very complex designs that may be considered tools in themselves. Workbenches vary in size from tiny jewelers benches to the huge benches used by staircase makers. Almost all workbenches are rectangular in shape, often using the surface, corners and edges as flat/square and dimension standards. Design is as varied as type of work for which the benches are used but most share these attributes:
  • A comfortable height for working with provisions for seated or standing work
  • A way to fix the workpiece to the surface so that it may be worked with both hands
  • Provisions for mounting, storing and accessing tools
Workbenches are made from many different materials including metal, wood, stone, and composites depending on the needs of the work.
Workbench types may be divided according to the particular work they are designed to accommodate: ;Woodworking: May be used for general woodworking but may be specialized for joinery, cabinetmaking, patternmaking, stairbuilding, carving, carpentry or trim work. They are usually made from solid wood and have integral clamping mechanisms. ;Gardening: Gardener's benches must be resistant to moisture and dirt. They are used for potting, seeding, and grooming, and usually have built-in shelving and storage.;General repair: Almost all family farms have one of these. Also found in small engine repair shops. Used for sharpening, cleaning, lubricating, assembly/disassembly, and light metal work.;Art and sculpture: These benches are most likely to be used in the round. They are designed so that the workpiece can be mounted firmly, usually from underneath, and accessed from all sides. Used by wood and stone carvers. Jewelers use a miniature version of these benches.


A WorkBench is also another name for a Bed
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